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Sites with (mostly) 88x31 badges

softheart clinic Strawberry Basket district birds and stars dizzy's den Reading Project spirit cellar apple dust jelly world slowie Yesterweb The Satyr's Forest Lulu in Cyberspace Court Records Plastic Dino Sad Girl Whimsical 7 Nonsense Invisible Ghost Ichigo Directory Cinni Button flower basket OMFG ally rat machine cat space goatlings meso scale dog house egg ramen w 3 schools mspfa nostolgic empty bliss virtual diva trans rats gif e pets feign mummery lost and pound Oaaky's world vendetta koinuko haii2u starilet dreamyard chimereons shoujo dreams ham ham paradise A N Lucas mooeena love tiny self insert webring postbox garden web heaven taffy neo rats beloved sleepy sprout booth world industries metal valley james o2 sleepy sage PS2 Home lost media wiki the ender draco top hat cats sugar for brains scripted arlita seribii ita toys flipnote boodlebox valentines Yester links Say No To Web3 Hamtaro Ko Bojan the Librarian Doffy Frog AU Project Pokemon Club Nintendo Archives Allure of Neglected Dragons Irony Machine